“The senior person involvement was great – they didn't disappear when they won the bid.”

Kelly Lundstrom

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Brian B. Huber President huber@lakash.com
Brian B. Huber

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Neil Dolinsky Vice President dolinsky@lakash.com
Neil Dolinsky
Vice President
Green Advantage

Green advantage is the country's longest standing green certification for builders and building-related practitioners.

Green Advantage Certified Practitioners (GACPs) have passed one or more exams, demonstrating their knowledge of the latest in green building principals, material and techniques. This knowledge allows certified contractors to participate in the process of both the design and implementation of green construction by melding new techniques with proven standard preactices.

All Lakash leaders are GAC certified.
As president and a founding partner, Brian B. Huber is dedicated to seeing that every client and every job receives the same high level of attention to detail.  His proactive approach is evident in his 30 years of experience, whether he’s managing construction of the mechanical and plumbing services for the new Fulton County Jail, managing he construction of the Byrd International Airport in Richmond, VA or directing the Towers Perrin Center Square 18-floor renovation, Brian consistently keeps ahead of the curve. 

In today’s competitive culture Brian knows it’s not enough to meet client needs. You need to exceed them. Renowned for his get-it-done work ethic, Brian has helped build Lakash’s repeat business to a healthy 80% plus.  Brian has a B.S. in civil engineering from Purdue University
A founding partner, Neil Dolinsky is detail oriented and places emphasis on precision. Neil works closely with architects, building managers, facility managers and partnering vendors. He approaches every project with an undeviating commitment and focus.

With over 26 years experience Neil has overseen literally millions of square feet of construction from building out broadcast and production studios for leading regional radio stations with stringent technical requirements to a 7-year, 1.5 million-square foot Hilton Hotel campus project and simultaneously coordinating construction of multiple shopping centers. Like all Lakash leaders, Neil is hands on in the projects he manages to ensure every job is done right �?the first time. Neil is also responsible for Lakash’s internal operations. He has a B.S. in civil and mechanical engineering from Penn State.
Steven T. Milliken Vice President milliken@lakash.com
Steven T. Milliken
Vice President

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Dave O'Donnell Project Manager odonnell@lakash.com
Dave O'Donnell
Chief Estimator,
Head of Procurement