“The senior person involvement was great – they didn't disappear when they won the bid.”

Kelly Lundstrom

More Testimonials

  “We had a tight time line and a difficult working situation. We had to protect 60 people working here during the job. Lakash kept them safe and interrupted their work as little as possible. What a great job.”

Cookie Imperiale
Office Manager
HRH of Philadelphia

  “Lakash's professionalism is the one thing that really stands out. I always know they’ re on my side.”

Larry Paulausky
Chief Engineer
Greater Media, Inc.

  “The primary reason we chose Lakash was owner involvement. This personal attention was a very large contributor to the projects success. I have worked with many contactors and in my opinion the overall quality of this entire job was simply outstanding. Their concern was always that our concern was fully satisfied.”

Milford Smith
Vice President Radio Engineering

  “You made us comfortable and confident that we would achieve our design on time and on budget. You not only met our expectation– you exceeded them. Thank you for delivering on your word from our initial meeting.”

Anthony Palladino
Global Finance Director

  “Lakash excels at managing the schedule and keeping everyone on track. They are so good at anticipating what could go wrong and are constantly looking for ways to optimize the job. WMMR Preston & Steve Studio”

Larry Paulausky
Chief Engineer
Greater Media/WMMR

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