“I wish I could clone them and use them all over the country.”

Linda Lagesse
Vice President
Sedgewick Claims

More Testimonials

  “With Lakash everyone had a great experience including the tenant, the architect, the broker and Oliver Tyrone Pulver.”

Kevin Bergmaier
Oliver Tyrone Pulver

  “There are never any surprises with Lakash, they always communicate with me.”

Amanda Matthews
Project Manager
Pitcarin Properties

  “Lakash really works with us in a partnership. They look out for us and we look out for them.”

Theresa McCaul Mullen
General Manager
Cushmand & Wakefield of PA

  “The best thing about the job was owner involvement. They were really on it, knew every detail and made a great impression.”

Mimi Quinn
Project Manager
Brandywine Realty Trust

  “Lakash is absolutely proactive, much more than other contractors. They’ re articulate and accurate in everything. Lakash always does a great job– that’ s why I use them so much.”

Shannon Fisher
Regional Construction Manager
Buccini Pollin Group

  “Lakash is really easy to work with, very accommodating and they stuck to their word.”

Cindy Stalker
Main Line Women’ s Center